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3 Ways To Get Your Life Back On Track After You Slip A Disk In Your Back At Work

A slipped disk in your back can be an excruciating injury. Even with proper medical treatment, the pain and lack of mobility you experience can completely throw your life out of balance. Previously simple household chores can become huge ordeals, and working full-time can become next to impossible. If you experienced a slipped disk due to a work-related accident, here are three ways you can overcome your injury and get your life back on track.

1. See a Doctor and a Physical Therapist

Obviously, the first step to overcoming your injury is having your back examined by a doctor on a regular basis. Even if the pain subsides, you never know how serious the injury is underneath your skin. You certainly don't want your injury flaring up again in the future, so periodically have it checked out to ensure that it is healing properly.

You should also have your doctor recommend a reputable physical therapist. Undergoing regular physical therapy as soon as possible can do wonders for your recovery. The longer you wait, the greater the risk is of your injury leading to permanent pain.

2. Get a Personal Injury Lawyer

The second step to recovery is ensuring that your employer properly compensates you for your accident. No matter how generous your employer's compensation policy seems, don't simply settle for the bare minimum that they offer. Consult a reputable personal injury lawyer to make sure that you receive the maximum amount of compensation possible.

Covering your medical bills isn't enough. Keep in mind that your injury may lead to a massive amount of lost wages down the road if your pain worsens and prevents you from working full-time. A good personal injury lawyer will take all of that into consideration and work on your side to make sure you're paid everything you deserve.

3. Take up Yoga and Meditation

In addition to your professional physical therapy, you should begin working on your recovery at home. If your doctor and therapist say it's okay, yoga and meditation are great low-stress exercises that you can do from the comfort of your living room to help you overcome your injury.

Yoga involves a series of stretches and balancing positions that have been proven to help people recover from back pain. Similarly, meditation involves disciplined seating positions with good posture as well as mental health strategies that have been shown to help practitioners cope with chronic pain. Both are free, easy strategies you can use in conjunction with your physical therapy sessions to minimize the pain you experience and help you down the path of recovery.