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Reasons You Need Immediate Medical Care After A Car Accident—Even If You Aren't Injured

Suffering an injury in a car accident is never ideal. After a minor accident, you may not feel that you are injured, since you do not feel immediate pain. Still, it is important to go for a medical evaluation after any car accident. The following are some reasons why you should do so, even if you do not think you are injured:

You Could Be Injured Without Realizing It

At first, you may not feel any pain after a minor or even moderate car accident. The reason you do not feel any initial pain is because your adrenaline is working non-stop. A car accident causes nervousness and fear, which will kick your adrenaline into overdrive.

After the adrenaline begins to slow down, you will start to feel pain. You could just feel sore, but adrenaline can also mask major injuries. Visiting the doctor after an accident will ensure that you receive adequate treatment for any injuries you have suffered, whether or not you feel immediate pain.

You Need Documentation of Your Injuries

Getting medical care after a car accident also helps start the paper trail you need for a personal injury claim. The doctor will document your injuries, how they were sustained, your prognosis, and the type of care you will require. All of this information is going to be necessary if you intend to file a claim with insurance or file a lawsuit. Not getting medical treatment will have a detrimental impact on your claim, as you will not have the adequate proof you need to demonstrate you were injured.

You Could Lose Your Case

If you do not get medical treatment after a car accident within a reasonable time frame, it can cost you your case. As time goes on, it will be difficult to determine whether your injuries are the result of the accident or the result of subsequent actions you took after your accident. An attorney or insurance adjuster will argue that you could have done something else to cause yourself injury rather than being involved in a car accident. This can all be prevented if you seek medical attention right away.

One of the major deterrents to not getting medical care is the cost. The insurance of the faulty party will pay for all of your medical costs initially, so do not allow money to prevent you from getting medical care. The hospital billing staff will know exactly how to handle these situations so that your bill will go to the insurer of the party at fault.

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