Getting Help With A Lawyer

Ways That Your Attorney Can Assess Your Future Earning Capacity After An Accident

One of the hugely detrimental things about being seriously injured in a car accident is that you may be too injured to work. This can mean that not only will you be missing out on the income that you'd otherwise be making as you recover from the accident, but also that your future earning capacity may be compromised. The latter can especially be true in serious accidents, so it's ideal to hire an attorney such as one through Philpot Law Firm Pa who will fight to help you get properly compensated. There are several ways that your attorney will assess your future earning capacity to come up with an appropriate number. 

Talk To Your Employer

Your attorney won't hesitate to talk to your employer about your employment history, your overall performance, and what promotions might have been in your future. For example, the employer may indicate that you've been doing an exemplary job at your current position and that he or she would have likely promoted you in several months upon the retirement of someone in a higher position. The employer would then tell your attorney what you'd be making in this role.

Look At Your Overall Trajectory

With your help, your employer will look at your overall employment trajectory. Someone who has worked in the same role for many years may not have an expectation to get promoted and earn more, but if you've shown that you've constantly moved up each time you've made a career change, this is a good sign.

For example, your attorney could put together documentation that shows you've made three career changes over the past eight years and have boosted your salary by an average of $10,000 with each change. The attorney could then argue that this trend would continue, allowing him or her to fight for a higher future earning capacity for you.

Detail Any Recent Training

Training or education that you've been involved with can also make you a highly desirable employee who could soon be promoted. Unfortunately, perhaps your car accident injury has come before a promotion could occur.

Your attorney can chronicle the training and education that you've gone through recently to make yourself a better employee and help your upward mobility. He or she can analyze how your peers' earnings have increased through the same type of training, and factor this information into the future earning capacity part of your car accident case.