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How Do You Know If An Auto Accident Witness Is Credible?

When you are involved in an accident, one of the most important types of evidence is witness statements. The police who respond will take statements from everyone present who saw the accident occur. If your case goes to court, the judge will rely on these witnesses' testimonies to help determine the outcome. When your attorney chooses which witnesses to testify, there are some qualities that are used to determine whether or not a witness is considered credible.

The Witness Had Full View of the Accident

A credible witness is one who had a clear view of what happened. You do not want a witness providing testimony if he or she did not accurately see the accident. The witness will testify as to what they saw before, during, and after the accident. Whether or not the witness was driving or was walking by can also play a part in determining credibility.

The Witness Has Good Character

You also want to have witnesses with good personal character, which is a determining factor in witness credibility. People with poor character can be considered not trustworthy, making for an ineffective witness. A way you can judge a person's character is whether or not he or she has ever been found to be dishonest, such as being discharged from a job for lying or convicted of stealing. You can also determine character if the witness has nothing to gain by providing his or her testimony.

The Witness is Physically Able to Provide Accurate Testimony

You also need a witness who is physically able to provide an accurate testimony about your accident. He or she needs to be in good physical condition to prove what was seen. A witness needs to have good eyesight and hearing capabilities. That is not to say that a person who has a minor issue with sight or hearing cannot be a good witness. However, a witness cannot testify to have seen a traffic accident with accuracy if he or she is legally blind, for instance.

A witness also needs to be free of any drugs or alcohol at the time of the accident. This can cloud his or her judgment and could result in an inaccurate recollection of the accident. A witness in a car accident case is often a pivotal point that provides proof one way or the other. It is essential that witnesses are credible, so they have to be vetted carefully. For more information, contact your local auto accident attorney.