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Tips For Photographing Skid Marks After A Car Accident

In a car accident, one party may have one version of the collision, and the other party may have a different version. If no other drivers stopped to act as witnesses, this conflicting information can make it difficult for the responding police officer to write his or her report — and the lack of clarity may also pose challenges should one driver decide to pursue legal action. If you've been in a collision and you feel that you weren't to blame, taking photos can be extremely valuable. One particular detail on which to focus is skid marks, as they'll tell the truth about what happened — regardless of what either party says. Here are some tips for photographing skid marks.

Try To Get Elevated

A bird's eye view of the skid marks and the surrounding accident scene can be beneficial for telling the story of what happened. Depending on where the accident took place, see if there's a way for you to get above the scene to snap these images. For example, if you're near an overpass and doing so is safe, go up to the sidewalk along the edge of the overpass to shoot the images of the skid marks. Or, if there's a tall commercial building nearby, see if you can shoot from one of its windows.

Shoot From Multiple Directions

You can't go wrong with taking photographs of the skid marks from many different angles. Try to get shots from the start of each set of skid marks, shooting toward where the accident took place. Conversely, it's a good idea to stand at the accident scene and shoot in the direction of where each set of skid marks began. As you walk around the scene, don't hesitate to snap any other images, as they may have value when you give them to a car accident attorney.

Consider Safety And Weather

Your safety and the weather are two important things to think about when you're shooting photos of the skid marks around your accident scene. Don't be so intent on getting a certain shot that you put yourself in harm's way. For example, if you need to walk out into the road to get the shot, make sure that no vehicles are approaching. You should also know that rain will quickly wipe away skid marks, so don't delay in getting your photos. Even if you aren't able to snap them immediately after the collision, try to return soon after that, especially if rain is in the forecast.

For more information, contact your vehicular accident attorney.