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Debunking Common Commercial Truck Auto Accident Myths

Commercial trucks are extremely large and powerful vehicles. While they are a common sight on the highways and roads, they can be extremely dangerous to smaller vehicles on the road. Unfortunately, accidents involving these vehicles are fairly common, and individuals must be sure that they have correct information about some common myths before they try to make decisions about pursuing justice in their commercial truck accident case.

Myth: Commercial Trucks Only Carry Insurance For The Products They Are Carrying

While individuals are often aware of the fact that commercial trucks carry insurance, they may assume that this insurance is primarily designed to protect the cargo that the truck was transporting. These vehicles will have insurance for the cargo they are hauling, but this will be a separate type of insurance. These vehicles must also carry general liability insurance, and the policy limit for this coverage is far higher than the limit for passenger vehicle policies.

Myth: If Your Actions Contributed To The Accident, The Commercial Truck Operator Is Never Financially Responsible For The Accident

It is common for auto accidents to involve some degree of fault for both drivers. Unfortunately, individuals that are involved in accidents with commercial vehicles may assume that they will lose the ability to recover damages if their actions contributed to the accident. However, this is not the case, as the courts recognize the reality of partial fault. Generally, you will still be able to pursue damages in these instances, but the courts will work to identify your contributions to the accident. This will allow the compensation awarded to be adjusted accordingly.

Myth: The Lawsuit Will Have To Be Filed Immediately

After an accident, victims will frequently assume that the lawsuit must be filed immediately. While it is important to be prompt in addressing this situation, you should be aware that your attorney will want to avoid filing the lawsuit until the full range of damages is known. As part of this process, the victim will need to fully recover. Otherwise, the full extent of the medical costs from the accident will be difficult to determine. Luckily, most states allow victims at least a couple of years to file one of these claims, which will allow them to take the time to determine the full extent of their damages and recover from their injuries. However, it is still advised to speak with a semi truck accident lawyer as soon as possible so that you will be better able to understand your options and the steps you should take to protect your case.