Getting Help With A Lawyer

Defamed By A Mugshot

What if a mugshot was the first thing that turned up on an internet search of your name? That might happen if you've ever been arrested. The fact that the charges were dropped or that you were found not guilty doesn't matter because most searchers won't bother checking on that. If your chances for a relationship, new job or just your reputation in general have been damaged by a mugshot, read on to find out how you can fight back.

Public Information Mining

Once you get over your outrage you'll have to come to terms with how law enforcement and other government agencies treat personal information. Arrest records have always been a matter of public record but before the advent of the internet few people noticed things like arrests unless they were newsworthy. With the internet came the way to make money off of information and entrepreneurs have capitalized on that information in various way. You don't need to pay money to view mugshots, however, since these websites make their revenue by the advertisements that you view and perhaps click on to learn more.

Defamation of Character

When you are publicly shamed and damaged, that is considered a personal injury and you can bring a claim against the wrongdoer. This is known as defamation and is similar to what you might see when someone prints incorrect and damaging information about someone in a newspaper or on Facebook. Once your photo is viewed the damage has already been done and the degree of harm it has caused you can be calculated in dollars and cents.

Taking Action

It is interesting to note that some of these mugshot publishing sites will agree to remove your photo and information for a price. Unfortunately, the money you pay is a waste since it's probably not possible to pay off each and every mugshot website that has your photo on it. It is this very issue that has spurred a class action lawsuit against these egregious purveyors of mugshots. While this suit targets sites that unlawfully took money from people and failed to properly remove the mugshot, there are hopes that it could have a detrimental effect on this insalubrious industry in general.

You may be entitled to file a lawsuit against one or more websites if you've been harmed even if you decide not to join the class action suit. Speak to a personal injury attorney like Harris, Steven W today about the way that a mugshot publication has harmed your reputation and get compensated.