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Taking It Up A Notch: Special Types Of Personal Injury

Whether you've taken a fall in a store or been hit by a careless driver, personal injury law provides the means to get reimbursed, paid and covered. Civil law, which governs personal injury claims, covers more than just the usual types of damages commonly thought of, however. The three categories of damages below take both the amount of compensation and the seriousness of the incident up a notch or two. Read on to learn more.

Permanent Injury Situations

When an injury is so severe that you are permanently injured the need for compensation is greater and even more important. Depending on your age, salary, education, and percentage of disability you may never be able to earn a living at the same level as before. This means a lifetime of needs, from payments to replace job loss to medical care for your injuries. Your family may well be negatively affected by your injury situation, and they are also due some consideration in the form of loss of consortium. This type of injury calls for a high level of technical and medical expertise from a personal injury attorney and the way the payments are provided is important as well. Your quality of life is dependent on getting an adequate settlement. Some common catastrophic injuries include:

Toxic Exposure Situations

While it's alarmingly easy to be exposed to toxic chemicals in the workplace, that is far from the only way to get harmed. Lead in the drinking water, as recent events have shown, and other toxic threats can cause entire families to be hurt by ingesting, breathing or coming into contact with toxic substances. It should also be noted that workers who get hurt by toxic substances at work may have challenges getting workers' compensation insurance to adequately cover the devastating effects of things like asbestos exposure. This type of injury can be cumulative, and you may not know about the problem until the damage has been done. This is another category of injury that will involve lots of expert testimony.

Medical Malpractice

When a visit to a medical facility goes from a quest to get better to a shocking downturn you can always file a medical malpractice lawsuit. All medical facilities and practitioners are insured, but you may still be facing a battle against their insurance lawyers for compensation. To make matters worse, you must be able to procure proof of your medical problem from the very facility that caused it. Medical experts might be needed to testify about your injury and not all personal injury attorneys practice in the specialty area of medical malpractice.

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