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How A Pedestrian Can Cause An Accident

Although drivers are often held liable for car-pedestrian accidents, there are cases where the pedestrian may also be held liable for such an accident. Below are some of those cases.

Throwing Items on the Road

There are objects that can easily cause a car accident. Sharp objects such as knives, nails, and glass, for example, can cause a tire puncture, causing the affected car to lose control and crash into other road users.

Another example is bulky items that may force cars to make dangerous emergency maneuvers. Then, there are also objects that may interfere with drivers' visibility, such as smoke bombs or burning tires. A pedestrian who throws any of those objects onto the road may be liable for the ensuing accident if the object ends up causing a crash.

Crossing or Walking On the Road While Intoxicated

Intoxication impairs judgment, and it is dangerous to be anywhere near the road if you are intoxicated. It doesn't matter whether you are a motorist or pedestrian (or any other road user for that matter).

Here are some of the mistakes you are likely to make as an intoxicated pedestrian on the road:

As you can see, such mistakes can easily lead to an accident, and the affected pedestrian may be held liable for the ensuing crash.

Darting Onto the Road without Warning

One of the most dangerous things a pedestrian can do is to dart onto the road without warning. It is even more dangerous if this is done in a section of the road where pedestrians aren't expected or allowed.

The danger is great because cars can't stop as fast a people, which mean darting in front of a car can either lead to a car-pedestrian crash or a loss of control of the car as the driver applies evasive actions to avoid hitting the pedestrian. Whatever happens, the pedestrian is likely to bear at least part of the blame.

Ignoring Pedestrian Restrictions

Traffic laws control pedestrian-car interactions by determining which parts of the road are safe for crossing, which sections pedestrians should not walk on, and who has the right of way in any situation, among other things. A pedestrian who ignores the relevant laws, such as crossing the street illegally, is guilty of the traffic offense of jaywalking. Such a pedestrian may be held liable for an accident if their actions lead to one.

If you are a pedestrian making an accident claim, note that your damages may be reduced or you may even walk away without any damages if you are deemed to have caused the accident. A car accident attorney can help you see to it that an accurate representation of the facts is made.