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Physiotherapy Can Combat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Workplace injuries can take on a variety of forms. A sudden injury is rare, but injuries brought on by engaging in repetitive motions each day are much more common. Carpal tunnel syndrome is one of the injuries that workers might sustain. This condition affects the dexterity and comfort of the hands.

Carpal tunnel syndrome can make it difficult to engage in day-to-day tasks. Physiotherapy can be utilized to help address the underlying cause of carpal tunnel syndrome and the symptoms it can cause.

Opening of the Carpal Tunnel

A physiotherapist can work with you to create an exercise program that will help combat your carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms. Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when the median nerve becomes pinched due to repetitive tasks that cause swelling within the forearm.

Exercises that are designed to ensure maximum flexibility of the tendons in your forearm can help to open up the carpal tunnel itself. This allows for greater motion of the median nerve while reducing the feelings of numbness and pain that can be associated with carpal tunnel syndrome.

Muscle Strengthening of the Forearm

Carpal tunnel syndrome can lead to a loss in muscle tone over time. This loss in muscle strength can leave your hands feeling weak and clumsy. A physiotherapist will design a series of strength training exercises that target the forearm, wrist, and hands.

Strengthening these muscles will help you retain better control over your hands, despite the advancement of your carpal tunnel syndrome.

Improvement of Posture

Many cases of carpal tunnel syndrome are bought on by a combination of repetitive movements and poor posture. Ergonomics play a critical role in the safety of any workplace. When employees do not engage in ergonomic behaviors, strain is placed on the body.

Improving the ergonomics of your office could help you ease the negative effects of carpal tunnel syndrome. An experienced physiotherapist will be able to work with you to improve your posture through a series of targeted exercises.

Better posture will relieve pressure on your musculoskeletal system, allowing you to experience relief from the side effects of your carpal tunnel syndrome.

Physiotherapists, such as from Pain Stop MD, can be valuable allies when it comes to combating workplace injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome. Work with a personal injury attorney to ensure that your employer pays for you to receive the physiotherapy treatment you need to overcome the negative effects carpal tunnel syndrome can have on your performance in the workplace.