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Six Documents To Have That Strengthen Your Car Accident Case

There are numerous documents you need as part of your car accident case if you want to maximize your chances of getting a good settlement or being awarded an adequate compensation amount. Gathering these documents and keeping them organized will help you throughout your case.

The following are six documents to have that strengthen your car accident case.

Medical records

Medical records are used to prove the type and extent of the injuries you've experienced that have resulted from your car accident.

You medical records also help show what treatment was recommended by your doctor for your injury. They can be used to prove that you went through with all the treatment that was recommended.

Another thing that medical records will indicate is how well you responded to treatment and what your current physical condition is. 

Police report

Police reports can be helpful at describing what happened in an accident. Some police reports might detail the cause of an accident and indicate or hint at which driver was responsible for the accident. 

Photographs of the accident scene and resulting damage

It's not always easy to get photographs of an accident scene. This is especially true if you were injured by the accident and had to go to the hospital immediately afterwards.

However, if you have photographs of the accident scene, they can be very helpful by serving as evidence that may back up your case. 

Witness testimony regarding the accident

If you have any witness testimony in writing about the accident, this could help your case. If you don't have witness testimony in writing, an alternative would be to have the contact information of any witnesses available. You could potentially call up these contacts to help testify in defense of your case. 

Copies of medical bills

Medical bills show how much the injuries that resulted from your accident have cost you. They can be used to help calculate how much you should be compensated for accident damages. 

Correspondence from your insurance company

It's important for you to keep a record of all the correspondence you receive from your insurance company. Not only is correspondence from your insurance company helpful in terms of documenting your case, but also correspondence you sent to your insurance company can be helpful as well. 

This correspondence can be used to show that you filed a claim with your insurance company. Correspondence shows whether or not the insurance company has compensated you at all for your claim. It might also indicate any reason given for denying your claim if your claim was denied. 

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