Getting Help With A Lawyer

How To Get A Personal Injury Lawyer When You're Low On Cash

When you're injured because of someone else's negligence, you deserve compensation. The course of your life may have been permanently altered because another party didn't do their due diligence by driving correctly, drying up a slippery floor, or attending to some other oversight. If you aren't very familiar with the legal system, it's hard to know what steps to take to get restitution. Filing a lawsuit can be a lengthy and complicated process when you aren't quite sure how to navigate the system. You need professional assistance, but if your money is running low, you might feel at a loss. Here are a few things you can do to find a personal injury lawyer even when you don't have a lot of cash.

Seek Help From A Legal Aid Society

There are so many different organizations out there that are wholly devoted to making sure people can obtain legal representation regardless of their financial situation. Legal aid societies seek to level the playing field by pairing clients up with lawyers they can afford.

Legal aid societies are able to offer budget-friendly help for many reasons. Some receive grants and other forms of federal or state funding, so they're able to subsidize the cost of hiring a lawyer. When you speak with a representative at a legal aid society, they may ask you about your ability to pay or request proof of income. Once the staff member gets a better understanding of what you can afford, they can then get to work finding an attorney to take your case.

Some Lawyers Work On A Contingency

You should also note that many personal injury attorneys work on a contingency basis. They will get to work on your case, negotiate a settlement, and appear in court without charging an upfront fee. They only receive payment after you have successfully won the case. 

Look For A Pro Bono Attorney

A pro bono lawyer will take your case completely free of charge. These lawyers may also offer paid services but do pro bono work as a help to the community. Call around to different law firms and ask if there is an attorney available who is willing to do pro bono work for you.

There are so many resources out there if you just know where to look. Use these tips so you're able to partner with a personal injury attorney who will help you through your case.