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A Guide on Work Related Injuries

Serious injuries at work may result in long-term medical care, lifetime disabilities, or even death. The cost of medical care may be high, and the disabilities may lead to loss of income. More so, the insurance company may try to reduce or avoid paying for compensation. Retaining the services of an accident and personal injury attorney increases your chance of receiving appropriate payment. This post provides critical insights into work-related injuries

What Are Workplace Injuries? 

Any injuries and illnesses related to an employee's job constitute workplace injuries. Thus a workplace injury must arise out of a job and in the course of work engagement. In this case, work-related injuries may result from unsafe job environments, defects in work equipment, and exposure to hazardous materials. More so, complex, heavy, repetitive, and dangerous tasks may result in workplace accidents. 

Types of Work-Related Injuries 

The following are the four common types of workplace injuries: 

Falls: Largely, falls constitute the majority of injury cases in construction and factory settings. A fall is likely to cause broken bones, internal injuries, paralysis, or death. Most fall injuries may take a long time to heal or lead to lifetime disability. 

Exposure to toxic substances: Some jobs involve constant exposure to toxic chemicals, elements, and gases. In case the workers do not have appropriate safety equipment, the level of exposure may cause illness. Consequently, the worker may spend considerable time getting medical treatment. 

Psychological trauma: In addition to physical injuries, the workplace environment can lead to emotional trauma. Ordinarily, workers in a hostile work environment face discrimination, harassment, and abuse. Such hostilities can lead to stress and anxiety disorders that may limit the ability to work and require costly treatment programs. 

When Do You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

The occurrence of a workplace injury does not always require an accident and personal injury lawyer. However, you may need to hire an attorney in case of the following situations: 

Personal injury lawyers are professionals in liability law and will help you understand the technical, legal, and medical issues related to your case. Again, the lawyer will protect your rights by negotiating for a fair settlement with your employer and the insurance company. More so, the lawyer can protect you from unfair treatment by an employer on account of work-related injuries and claims. 

Ultimately, every worker faces the risk of a physical or psychological work-related injury. Such injuries can lead to death, inability to work, loss of income, and substantial medical bills. A personal injury lawyer provides legal representation necessary for fair compensation for the suffering and medical expenses.