Getting Help With A Lawyer

Doing Your Part As Your Accident Case Goes To Trial

Not all auto accidents result in taking a case to the courtroom. Sometimes, victims are paid a settlement and that ends the case right then and there. However, it's important for victims to understand that if their case does go to trial, they have a part to play.

Victims Play an Important Role

Car accident cases, particularly those that are not settled outside of court, can be complex and filled with contentious issues that must be resolved. Your auto accident lawyer has undoubtedly handled hundreds of such cases and knows both what to do and what you should do. Ask your lawyer how to best prepare for the upcoming trial process and abide by their wisdom and experience. In the meantime, though, help yourself be ready by reviewing the below tips and tricks for trial success.

Use Memory Aids 

In most cases, accident victims are advised to keep their own set of records. That means you should have a place and keep organized all paperwork associated with the accident, your medical treatment, and things like car repair estimates and time missed from work. As you get ready for the discovery phase of the trial, look back over your accident file information to refresh your memory.

Understand Testimony Events

Most of the time, you will be expected to give your own version of events, verbally, at both a deposition and when the trial begins. Depositions are part of the discovery process and involve being questioned by both your own attorney and the legal counsel for the driver that (allegedly) caused the accident. While things may seem complicated as you prepare for a deposition and the trial, most accident cases center around a disputed fact or two. Your lawyer can help you be ready by putting your focus on those disputed facts. For example, if the other side is saying that your accident injuries were preexisting, you will know that you need to be very informed about your health. Know about your past health issues, new health problems caused by the accident, and your current state of health.

Behave During Testimony Situations

Your behavior while being questioned matters a lot. During both the deposition and during the trial, your ability to accurately recite information can make or break your case. To that end, know that your lawyer is by your side during the deposition, and you can consult with them at any time. Use the deposition to prepare for the upcoming trial. Don't allow the other side to make you nervous, don't answer questions you don't fully understand, and answer only what is asked without adding anything more.

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