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Don't Let These Complications Happen To You After An Accident

The last thing accident victims need is more complications after they've been hurt in an accident. When another driver is careless and causes a wreck, you may find yourself dealing with almost too much to handle all at once. This type of confusing scenario can create some ripe circumstances for complications to occur if victims are not careful. See below for some common complications that you don't want to happen to you.

Jumping at a Settlement Offer – The other driver's insurance company may be eager to offer you a cash settlement once it becomes clear that you were not at fault. This may not be a good thing, however. Initial offers are usually for a low amount that may only sound enticing to victims who are unable to make good decisions because of their injuries. You don't have to accept that offer until you have time to speak to your own personal injury lawyer and you are healed enough to make good decisions. Don't be pressured into a decision that cannot be undone—speak to a lawyer first.

Not Attending to Your Medical Needs – You cannot take action against the other driver if you don't have proof of your physical injuries. The only way to prove those injuries is by seeking medical treatment from an emergency room or your own doctor. If you don't go to the doctor after an accident, you may only get paid for your wrecked vehicle and not all the other damages like medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Talking to the Accident Adjuster – You may be asked to provide a statement after the accident, but be careful and know who you are talking to when you take the call. You should be the one initiating the call to your own insurance company, but you should never talk to the adjuster for the other driver's insurer. They may try to pressure you into making a statement, but there is no reason for you to speak to them and personal injury lawyers may advise strongly against it.

Signing Over Your Medical Records – It's not common for the other side to ask you for your medical records, and you should take such requests to your personal injury lawyer. The request for your records could be a sign that the other side is trying to accuse you of having a preexisting condition.

The best way to prevent the above complications from wreaking havoc on your claim for compensation is to speak to a personal injury lawyer and let them handle everything from there.

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